Monday, April 29, 2013

STIKKY - Spamthology

This is the release I'm asked about the most.  It's a collection of stuff that has been out of print for a long time.  The problem is this collection of stuff that has been out of print for a long time has also been out of print for a long time.

STIKKY - Spamthology Vol. 1.
No, there is no Vol. 2.
Released on Sound Pollution around 1997.
This release collects the rough mix of the "Where's My Lunchpail?" album, and both 7" releases, "Cuddle" and "I & I & That Guy Over There", plus a couple oddball outtakes.
The original Lunchpail album had a horrible mix, and an even worse mastering job.  This version of the album was taken from a rough mix cassette that sounds better, plus it has all of our rambling between songs... when we recorded the vocals we did everything live, meaning we just let the tape roll and recorded each song consecutively.  Aside from one or two stops, for the most part, it was all recorded in one long take. 

In my opinion, STIKKY drummer Todd Wilder was one of the very first (and unrecognized) drummers to EVER play a blast beat.  Listen to "Pollution Rules" and "Boy, Do Girls Ever Suck". These were recorded in 1988, but written in 1987. Prior to this (and not included on this collection) was the comp track "Russia Nuked Themselves", written and recorded in 1986, definitely the first STIKKY blast beat, and for sure one of the earliest recorded.  Yes, I know about Repulsion around the same time.  I said "ONE of the earliest" you Numb Nut!

STIKKY - Spamthology


  1. I like the songs on the "turn it around" compilation, did you guys recorded just that 2 tracks or there's more from that session? fuckin MOSHOMETER man!! Shit rules haha. Cheers!

    1. Hey Mat,
      Those were the only 2 songs from that session. "Turn It Around" recordings were a crazy marathon... Kevin Army recorded something like 3-4 bands in one day. We had set times to show up to the studio, record our stuff, and get out. I think Op Ivy was before us. We went in early afternoon. Set up for an hour, recorded for an hour, and left. Those two tracks were going to be on "Spamthology Vol. 2" which, of course, never came out.

  2. Hello Chris, thanks for the info! And for that 3rd demo, thank you.

  3. Does it have your live tape on it? I recorded you on a radio broadcast on KFJC, back in '88.

  4. Most awesome shit ever, thanks for the free download :D