Sunday, April 28, 2013


Here's a collection of stuff from one of my bands that's actually still around:  TO THE POINT

First 8 songs are from the split 7" with Yacopsae on the Rot Box 3x7" collection, released on Fucking Kill Records from Germany.
Tracks 9-11 are from our first one-sided 7" "Mentally Checked Out". Only 160 copies of that one.
Tracks 12-14 are from our second one-sided 7" "Success In Failure".  Only 300 copies there.
Track 15 is from the upcoming split 10" with Pick Your Side.
Track 16 is from the upcoming split 7" with ACxDC.

I've entitled this collection "Shit You Should Have Bought On Vinyl The First Time Around", for obvious reasons...

Prepare to release your inner Caveman!

TO THE POINT - Greatest Hits Of All Time